A professional dancer, a mother, a wife and a best friend

Dance has been my life for as long as I’ve had memories. It was, and is my first love and let me tell you when I fell for dance, I fell hard! My mother always says that as a baby as soon as I heard music I would start to move. It did not matter where we were from the grocery store, to the amusement park, to holiday parties, I was always on my feet shaking my body and feeling the music. To be honest not much has changed and thankfully I have been able to make a career out of it!

As a professional dancer originally from Toronto, Canada, I started taking dance classes at the age of four. Throughout my career, I have performed in music videos, Broadway, TV, film, and various award shows in the US, Canada, Dubai, and the Philippines. Some of my career highlights range from, Hairspray the movie, Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas, Chicago the musical, Kiss Me Kate on Broadway, the VMA’s, AMA’s, The Tony’s, the Oscars and many more.

This body of work has also given me the most amazing of opportunities including teaching dance throughout the country. I have realized that what I love most about what I do is connecting. Those one on one moments with the audience or with a student are the most fulfilling. My mission is to motivate and support people to feel like the best version of themselves. This has led me to bring both of these passions together in a way that is accessible to everyone in a fun format.

MV Cardio with Sherisse is a combination of my knowledge of 20 years in the entertainment industry and the passion I have to help you find your inner strength while making you sweat! This allows you to achieve the classic and iconic choreography from your favorite music videos, but more importantly reminds you that you are capable of showing up and exceeding in any challenge in your life.

I’m a professional dancer, a mother, a wife and a best friend. But my greatest role is motivator. By taking this class you aren’t just having a moment of cardio, you’re joining a community of support. You aren’t just another client, you’re a friend and we will work together to achieve whatever goals you have with this class.